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Planning Your Personal Music Event

Take music to your own hands by planning live music occasions nearer your home. As more musicians discover that their cash needs to originate from live gigs instead of through record sales, the greater concerts and festivals will probably grow. As the download age has produced many damage to individuals the background music industry somewhat, in other people it’s opened up them up to and including totally new selection of… Read Article →

Summer Music Concert 2018

Falmouth School students dazzled the audience with a sparkling set of performances at the recent Summer Music Concert. The sheer talent of those performing blew the crowd away in a show that was packed full of diverse and exciting acts. The packed crowd were introduced by student compere’s Millie Revel and Theo Fleming, who introduced the first act of the night on a jam packed bill. The Brass Group opened… Read Article →

America’s Famous Music Clubs And Venues

The U . s . States is really a goldmine for musicians music clubs & venues can be found all across the nation, in each and every major city as well as in every small suburb. With your a great deal of venues to showcase your original material, it may be daunting the discover the perfect club or room to create your band and woo the crowd. The next venues… Read Article →